•   over 6 years ago

Developing for iOS or OS X? Apple is at MHacks.

Apple engineers will be on-site all weekend in the iOS Cortex to help with your technical questions. We can help with a variety of questions from Swift and Objective-C to web development, Perl, Python, C, and UNIX.

We will also have engineers from our Hardware teams here. On Saturday evening at 5pm, we'll be giving a Tech Talk on 3D Printing and how you can use it to prototype enclosures or components.

Don't have a Mac or an iOS device? Stop by the iOS Cortex and we will have a small number of devices to loan out.

Want to deploy your app to a device? Stop by to get a free temporary developer account.

Resume review? We'll have a recruiter here too.

Developer documentation is available by option-clicking the method or class name in Xcode or by going to https://developer.apple.com/.

The team that makes the best iOS or OS X app, as determined by the MHacks Judges, will receive an iPad mini 3 for each member of their team.


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