Combines all your daily updates into one without the straw, brick, or hay.

Going to the Wolfram booth at MHacks really got me interested in the Wolfram Language and their new Programming Cloud. Looking into it, the language itself is something out of a science fiction movie being able to perform one hundred lines of code in two or three lines of code. I wanted to do something simple and fun, so I created WolfWeather. Its goals are straightforward: it gives users current weather updates, the time, date, weekday, the Zodiac year, and their GPS location. It also promotes the Wolfram Language and shows off a bit of the sheer power the language has as a knowledge base. The target user could be just about anyone who needs updates, to get ready for their day, or in need of a wolf picture or two. In general, I am most proud of being able to use this new language a bit and really explore what the Wolfram computational engine and Cloud computing has to offer.

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